3 things holding you back from living the good life

As human beings we are guaranteed one go around on this blue marble flying through space.  Here is my bold statement of the day: It’s important how we spend our revolutions around the sun.

That’s the end game of the Reclaim.  If I can enhance how you spend your revolutions, then we all win.  A better you is a better world.

So our battle strategy today is to remove 3 things that are holding you back from living the good life.  And to be honest, we might not be able to completely remove these things BUT we can bring enough awareness to them that they have less negative impact!

So here we go….here are three things that are holding you back from being Super(insert name here).


You’ve heard the saying “Comparison is the thief of joy.” Well it’s the damn truth.  If you have kids, you’ve seen it play out many times.  You give a kid a snack….buttt it’s not good enough and they want what you have because they assume it’s better because it’s yours.  Adults do the same thing, just on a grander scale.  Your neighbor’s house is better, your friend is happier than you because of what you see on Facebook, your coworker lost a few pounds so they must be happier.

Often we look outside ourselves for happiness.  I’m here to make the argument that we should look inward and judge our own perception.  No more thinking we aren’t good enough or that someone has it better.  As a matter of fact, here is food for thought: Someone out there has something better then you.  There is always a person with more money, a bigger house, more vacation days, etc etc.  That doesn’t make their life any better though.  It all lies in your perception.  Stop comparing.  Do you.

Staying on the surface

Growth happens in the depths.  That is where the emotion, angst, and rawness hangs out.  The reasons getting deep is beneficial are also the reasons why people don’t go there.  Because I need to put a quote here for quota purposes: “Do one thing every day that scares you.

That one thing every day could simply be asking a tough question about yourself.  Why did you do that?  Why not this?  Why did you say this?  Etc.

Time for my oversimplified analogy.  I think a good place to see a large number of surface dwellers is in the high school setting.  Now the reason they are surface dwellers is because most aren’t old/ aware/ mature enough to get deep.  They bounce from thing to thing trying to find themselves.  Now just transfer those same principles to an adult.  Still bouncing from thing to thing because they haven’t gone deep and asked some tough questions of themselves.  Grab your oxygen tank and dive.

Lose the Pack Mentality

I love wolves as much as the next guy and I’m all for being a part of a team BUT too often we hide behind the veil of the group and lose our own sense of identity.  Examples include but are not limited to: food choices, peer clothing, hobbies, etc.

A big one that is near and dear to my heart is the food choices.  I’ve seen it play out thousands of times (most of which are me) where someone goes into an event such as a dinner, holiday party, or family get together and they have a plan to eat well.

Welp, it doesn’t happen.  It’s hard being the lone wolf who wants to make better choices.  There’s the fear of ridicule, possible isolation and unwanted attention that come along with being the “healthy person”.  Full disclosure warning, as much as I always want to squash that concept, it’s hard.  Hell, I contradict my own teachings at times because I don’t always own up what I want and go for it.

I get lost in the flow of momentum that carries me away from the choices I should make and towards the choices everyone else in the group is eating.

Key to know that I’m not saying for you to lock yourself in a cupboard beneath the stairs for the rest of the life.  Be a part of a team, a family, a group of individuals.  It’s important to be social and to be challenged and to have that accountability, just don’t lose yourself to the pack.  Be the wolf with the sweet mullet.

Pay careful attention to these three things.  Cut them out, slowly strip them away, or simply be mindful of the role they play in your life.

Now go spin in a more awesome manner than you were previously.


4 thoughts on “3 things holding you back from living the good life

  1. Lol i eat healthy,and cut people out my life for mental wellness,i just cant understand why if hated for doing that then the motto goes f*** yourself..don’t make me the target especially when it starts to come from people i don’t know..because i feel it will never stop me from blogging every has hobbies this is mine..i blog on this & other thing i enjoy my life the way i want..glam or regular i blessed to wake up everyda..nice post by the way..had to vent


  2. I always say that people are afraid of what they don’t understand or afraid of the things that make them uncomfortable. When people try to be themselves, others are made uncomfortable because it makes them realize they are not authentic as well.

    Either way, that’s their problem not yours. Keep rolling with you and you’ll be alright.


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