Welcome to the 30 Day Reclaim!

What can you achieve in 30 days?

Get that perfect body you’ve always wanted? Be as strong as you want to be? Achieve your wildest dreams?

No, no, and probably not….BUT you can start building some positive momentum to get to those goals.

The Reclaim is a lifestyle program designed to help YOU reach top level Human-ness.

Human-ness (adj.) (hyü-mən-\ˈnes\): The essence of being a happy, healthy human being.  It is ever changing and adapting, just like YOU.

The mission of the Reclaim is to help you better understand the manner in which your sleep, movement, foodand mindset intersect to create the dynamic that is your health!

We realistically know that 30 days isn’t going to get you everything you want but it will teach you the basic steps necessary to achieve them.  We are the snowflake to start the avalanche.

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What other “Reclaimers” have to say:

“I agree wholeheartedly with the messages delivered in each of the four major topic areas. I simply had more to learn in the area of Nutrition, and thus found it to be the most beneficial to me. I appreciate the balanced approach throughout the program. I can honestly say that I found it to be life changing.” -Kriste

“The 30 Day Reclaim brought me back to a place of focus in the midst of the busy life we all have. But what are we busy doing? 30 Day Reclaim gave me simple and practical tools to slide into my day that would help me feel and be my best. It didn’t require more time of me or really much more effort, just a different [avenue] of decision making- and for that- I am very thankful!” –Cassie

What  is going on in the Reclaim daily accountability mobile app:

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